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Our Bathroom Remodeling Process – Step by Step

The bathroom remodeling process isn’t always clear. Get clarity on the entire project process with our full guide. We made it simple for you to understand the process, step by step.

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Design & Planning

1. Design Discovery

We will have a design meeting with you to discover the style and look you interested and make sure we are following your bathroom design request

2. 3D Design Rendering

We will have a professional 3d design made for your bathroom.

3. City Permits

We will pull all necessary permits from the city and make sure we do all work by city code.
Material Selection

1. Showroom Meeting

We will coordinate a meeting with our showroom bathroom designer to choose all your materials for your bathroom. From wall paint to wall tile, floor tile, vanity, shower fixtures, tub, and all accessories we got you covered!

2. Material Delivery

We will coordinate all the material arrival at the job site.

1. Demolition & Haul Debris

First, we will be removing the old tile, flooring, and fixtures and haul the debris away.

2. Rough Plumbing & Electrical

Here we will perform work on the rough plumbing and electrical.
– Install new copper or PVC pipes to match the new fixtures.
– Install rough fixture valves.
– Replace toilet flange
– Relocate plumbing location (if needed)
– Install plumbing for vanity
– Install shower drain
– Relocate or install additional electrical GFI outlets
– Add hookups for any lighting in the shower, around the vanity, and ceiling light
– Move the vent (if needed)

3. City Inspection

4. Hot Mop & Framing (shower bathrooms only)

Here will frame the shower pan and get the area ready for a hot mop.
Hot mopping is a process through which asphalt and tar paper are used to create an impermeable layer.
This process will prevent from water leaking through the shower pan.

5. Tub Installation (only for tub)

In case you have a tub in your new bathroom, we will prepare the framing accordingly and adjust the plumbing as well and then install your new drop-in tub or a face tub.

6. Lath Installation

Install metal mesh and black paper on the walls prepare for floating cement

7. City Inspection

8. Floating Cement

Float cement on the walls. We will also apply red guard (Waterproofing and Crack Prevention Membrane) to bond the cement and put an extra layer of waterproofing, this makes sure your tile will not crack and last for years.

* We can also install cement boards instead of doing floating cement which will lower the cost of the bathroom remodel but for professional installation and prevent tile cracks in the future floating cement is the best way to go.

9. Tile Installation & Grout

Our professional tile guys will install your tile in the pattern style.
Tile pattern can be: staggered, stacked, chevron, or any other style pattern you desire.
We will make sure your tile is leveled and installed correctly. After the tile installation, we will apply the grout and let it dry for a day.

10. Patch & Paint Bathroom Walls

Patching minor wall damages and paint with the chosen color.

11. Vanity, Tub & Toilet Installation

Install vanity, toilet, tub ( if needed) as well as all finish plumbing and electrical fixtures.
At this step, we will also install caulking where needed.

12. Frameless Glass Doors Installation

Install the glass shower enclosure and if the tub exists we will install the track door and
glass for the tub.

13. Clean Job Site

We will clean the job site making sure the site is ready for your inspection.

14. Homeowner Inspection

We will do a walkthrough of the project making sure everything is done to your satisfaction and make corrections if needed.

15. Final City Inspection

16. Your Bathroom is Ready!

Your bathroom is ready for you to enjoy!
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