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Bathroom Remodeling Thousand Oaks

Bathroom Remodeling Thousand Oaks

A bathroom remodeling Thousand Oaks project can be an enjoyable experience if you have the right contractor by your side.

There are many cases when people tend to underestimate the cost of a bathroom remodel. As a result, some unreliable contractors may skimp on materials quality just to please their clients. The results, however, are awful: uneven tiles, poor plumbing, mineral buildup, and so on. Plus, you’ll need even more money to repair what they did wrong.
But once you decide to hire our bathroom remodeling Thousand Oaks contractors, you won’t have to worry about this.

In fact, we are proud to say that we have California’s biggest showroom. With over 10,000sf, you can find everything you need for your bathroom.
Not only don’t skimp on quality, but we have fetching promos too. For our clients, we offer preferred shipping and direct delivery to your job site. So you can trust us when we say that we can offer good quality AND prices at the same time.

However, is the quality of materials the only thing that makes the cost of your bathroom remodel go up?
We asked our specialists from Bathroom Pro, so here is what they think! 

What Items Influence the Cost of Your Bathroom Remodeling Thousand Oaks Design? 

The size of your bathroom and the materials used play a big part in the total cost of your project, that’s for sure.  It goes without saying that the cost of your vanities and cabinets can vary according to style and size too. However, some other things might seem insignificant to you, but in reality, they add up.
The good news is that it’s totally up to you if you want to invest in them or not

For example, the sink might get surprisingly pricey. Usually, the more stylish it looks, the more it will cost you. Of course, you can still make your bathroom look sleek because there is a wide range of options like: 

  • Undermount sinks 
  • Vessel sinks 
  • Trough sinks 
  • Floating sinks 

Another thing that might cost you more, believe it or not, is the toilet. It doesn’t mean that every toilet is incredibly expensive – don’t get us wrong. But depending on your preferences, some features might come with a price hike: 

  • The height of your toilet 
  • Gravity-feed or pressure-assisted toilets
  • Using a smart toilet instead of a “normal” toilet

Another example of something that might get ridiculously expensive is the bathroom mirror. Sure, you don’t have to settle for a boring-looking mirror. We can design a modern, minimalist, and contemporary look. This way, it’ll add a stylish and sophisticated touch to your bathroom’s vibe. 

Take Advantage of Our Bathroom Remodeling Finance Program 

Interested in how much a bathroom remodeling would cost you? Don’t hesitate and give us a call. Our specialists will offer you a free in-home estimate.

Plus, with our financial program, you can pay for your bathroom remodeling over time. With a program that extends up to 72 months, you can enjoy your new bathroom without having to pay for it in one go. 

Get in touch with us and find out more! 

Why Choosing Bathroom Pro?

Bathroom Pro is a great place to make the bathroom of your dream come true.
We also have one of the biggest showrooms in California, where you can buy all your bathroom essentials and remodeling materials.

We provide top-rated design and installation services for homeowners across California.
Besides undergoing full background checks, our hand-selected remodeling experts are local, licensed, and insured.
Bathroom Pro also offers a great selection of flexible finance options.

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